Wedding: Mary + Opie

You’ve seen Mary before, as she was one of my free sessions when I was still freakishly new to the photography scene earlier this year. I think all photographers look back on their work as their career progresses and wish they had time to go back and re-edit some of their stuff, and I admit to feeling that way with some of Mary’s portraits. However, her session was so awesomely unique that even as a newbie I was able to capture some shots I’ll be using in my portfolio for years to come. Like this one. She brought killer style to her bridal session (seriously, cigar, gun AND aviators?) and so I knew her wedding would be no exception.

On her big day Mary not only rocked finger waves, a consignment shop wedding dress, a DIY wheat bouquet and red heels, but she and her beloved, Opie, had a wedding pie instead of wedding cake, saw each other before the ceremony (yay!), gave homemade truffles to their guests (and their photographer as well, which doubles their coolness factor in my book), and served hamburgers as their wedding dinner. A great wedding to be involved with, whether you were a guest or a vendor. A big thank you to Lynn of lynn in love photo for keeping me company and acting as second shooter throughout the day. You can see her take on the wedding day here!

Mary getting bridal.

Love love love this dress for it’s non-traditional style, the folds in the back, and the fact that it was such a steal price-wise.

Every single item in this collage is DIY. Oh wait, except the shoes. Mary is good but she isn’t that good. :)

The dress is on, which means she’s officially a bride! A naturally lovely one, I might add.

Just before we headed out to take photos Mary learned the spot she had specifically chosen for this part of the day wasn’t going to work out. Probably a good thing in hindsight because we had just enough time to get the few shots you see here!

We did the quickest round of group photos I’ve ever done, and then I shooed everyone away before Mary and Opie rushed off to get hitched. I think we did all of their photos in 5, maybe 10 minutes? I was racking my brain, yelling out pose cues as fast as I could. “Stand apart, hold hands. Turn toward him. Turn away from him. Now just Opie. Now just Mary.” Whew boy!


If there is motion in a portrait, it almost always wins for me.

DIY bouts of course.

The fiery red facial hair and the chocolate brown suit go so well together I think.

Okay, there is a 4th reason I love this dress. It’s the way it frames her tattoo on her back. Perfection, don’t you think?

This little one was such a scene stealer (proof of that below). Apparently she let her family know that when the wedding day finally arrived she was going to “dance like she had never danced before”. She took her flower girl job very seriously and did a great job throwing down the red and yellow leaves.

Isn’t this a beautiful setting for an outdoor ceremony? It was pretty dark by this time so I spent most of my time holding my breath and trying to stay as still as possible in hopes that I’d get some clear shots.

I adore these next two.

It’s pretty tough to get a first kiss shot that doesn’t start the bride, groom, AND the officiant. Their officiant not only had a killer beard, but did a great job of staying perfectly centered behind them for their first kiss as husband and wife.

A sweet husband that they shared together right after the ceremony. And with me, but only for a few seconds, I promised I dashed in just to get the shot and then slipped back out to give them some privacy.

There she is, as promised, stealing the show. Look at that pointed toe!

While we were waiting for everyone to gather in between group shots I quickly pulled the new spouses off to the side for a few more of just the two of them.

Second favorite. Their love is as epic as this photo is. :)

First dance time!

Sometimes blurry photos can be keepers. But just sometimes.

The aforementioned hamburger dinner. I devoured mine in the corner so guests wouldn’t judge me for wolfing down something so delicious in such a short amount of time.

A few of my favorite details, the wedding pie, the favors (in the brown bag where truffles made with love by Mary herself), and strips of ribbon that added the perfect touch to a very simple and sweet ceremony.

This is the pie the couple ate.

And this is the pie I ate. Also the other guests, I stepped away from the table long enough for them to get some as well.

Lucky Mary and Opie, a surprise guest showed up to party with them!

And one more famous face got down that night. (And yes, she did dance as she had never danced before if you are wondering.)

Lynn, Mary, Opie, and myself. Love every single person present in this photo.

Mary and Opie,

I’m so glad we were able to make something work, as I really enjoyed being a part of your uniquely personal day. I like to think that I do things in life because I want to do them, not because I think other people should, but you two take that to the next level (in such a good way). This wedding was all you, 100%, and you threw your guests a party that I’m sure they are still talking excitedly about today. Thanks for the pie, the truffle (if there are any extras feel free to send them my way :) ), and most of all your trust. I considered it an honor to be there with you, playing such an important role. I’d wish you luck, but you two don’t need it. You’re so good together.



December 11, 2009 - 10:04 am Danielle - WOW, what a gorgeous wedding. The dress, the wheat bouquet, the red shoes, the hamburgers!

December 11, 2009 - 10:46 am Moll - Wow! I think this is some of your best work yet. I love that it's artistic yet unposed, and the couple's funky style adds a lot. Congratulations to Mary and Opie!

December 11, 2009 - 3:33 pm Mary - Yay! Thank you Jenna. This does definitely brighten my mood. :] I love your take on the evening, and absolutely love the photos you produced for us.

December 12, 2009 - 12:51 pm Émilie - Love the thins she did for her wedding. What an awesome couple! I crave the edit you did on some photos (like at the ceremony, holding your breath.) and the treatment in black and white you did. Magnificent job, Jenna!

December 13, 2009 - 12:26 am Whitni - Look who has been SUPER busy catching up with posts! You are such a good little example to me! Wow, Jenna, you are really improving so much. Your work is getting better and better and better with every shoot. Really nice job. Love so many of them.

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